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ADL Automatic Driving Lessons - Disabled Driving

We offer the following services for disabled drivers.

Your Instructor
I trained as an ADI with BSM, and went on to specialize in automatic and later disabled tuition. I trained at the Queen Elizabeth Foundation in Carshalton, one of the foremost centres in England for disability instructor training. where I was introduced to a wide range of specialized adaptations, many of which have been fitted to the ADL tuition vehicle. I later joined the AA driving school, and have worked over the last four years with people suffering from a wide range of disabilities and with many special needs. I aim to provide a professional and effective service, tailored to each persons individual circumstances.

Your Tuition Vehicle
You will be driving a Skoda Fabia Estate, with a 1.6 litre engine and full automatic gearbox. Standard features include air conditioning, height adjustable seats and electric adjustable door mirrors. The vehicle is fitted with dual controls for your safety and security. The estate version was chosen to provide extra space in the rear for wheelchair storage, and because the hand rails on the vehicle roof provide extra support while getting in or out. In addition, the vehicle has the following special equipment:

Hand controls for brake and accelerator
These allow the driver to control acceleration and braking without the need to use the normal foot controls

Infra red controls
These enable the driver to operate the ancillary controls, such as indicators, wipers and lights while still using both hands for steering and the combined accelerator/brake control.

Left/right accelerator
The accelerator pedal can be moved from the right side to the left side to allow use by drivers with restricted movement in the right leg.

Steering Aids
A variety of steering aids can be provided depending on individual requirements

Handbrake release
We can provide a number of different quick release methods for releasing the handbrake, suitable for persons experiencing difficulties with gripping a normal handbrake lever.

Panoramic Mirror
This is a large mirror which clips on to the normal centre mirror to provide an all round view, and is suitable for drivers who may have difficulties in turning their head

We aim to provide a complete service tailored around individual needs, covering a wide range of disabilities. If you have a specific requirement not covered by the equipment listed above, please let us know, and we will do everything possible to provide the necessary solution. We offer friendly, patient tuition, working at your own pace aimed at building confidence as well as driving skills.

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