Automatic Driving Lessons Wakefield

ADL Automatic Driving Lessons - The Driving Tests

The Theory Test
50 question multi-choice questions all based on the Highway code and road safety matters. The test last 57 minutes and you must answer at least 43 questions correctly in order to pass.

Test yourselves with our mock theory test.

Hazard Perception Test
This is made up of 14 video clips and is designed to assess your ability to see road hazards.

In 13 of the clips only one hazard will unfold. In one, two hazards will unfold. You tell the computer that you jave recognized the hazard by clicking on a mouse. The earlier you see the hazard develop the more points your score. The maximum number of points you can score per hazard is five with zero being the lowest score.

You need to successfully pass both the theory and the hazard tests. If you fail one you will have to re-take them both.

The combined cost of these two tests, which in non-refundable if you fail, £25.

Show Me, Tell Me Test
At the start of the practical driving test you take the show me, tell me test. The test is designed to test you in basic car maintenance. In order to pass you will need to answer two questions correctly. For The Show Me, Tell Me Questions and Answers

Practical Driving Test
This test lasts 35-40 minutes. To successfully pass you must show the examiner that you have a sound understanding of the Highway code and have the skill to drive safely on different types of roads and in different road traffic conditions. You will also have to successfully perform two reversing manoeuvres - either a parallel park, a bay park or a turn in the road. You may also be asked to carry out an emergency stop.

Whilst taking the practical test if you score more than 15 minor faults or commit a dangerous or serious fault you will fail.

Take to the driving test centre the following:

Both parts of your provisional licence (photo card and paper counter document) If you have the old type paper licence you will also have to bring a valid passport. No other form of photo identification will be accepted.

Booking form or reference number.

Theory test pass certificate.

The test costs £62 on a week day or £75.00 over the weekend.

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